Nine Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

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Have extra shopping bags that you want to reuse? We’ve compiled a list of nine great ways to reuse your bags before you recycle them!

  1. Line small trash cans. One of the most common ways to reuse plastic shopping bags is by using them to collect the trash in your small bathroom or office trash bins. The bags are the perfect size to fit in those bins easily.
  2. Keep in car. Prevent garbage from piling up in your vehicle by keeping a few extra plastic bags in your center console or glovebox. Receipts, containers, and miscellaneous trash will no longer float around your car.
  3. Keep belongings safe. Not only can you individually wrap fragile items with plastic bags, but you can also use them to fill space in a box. Ball up a few bags to eliminate open space between objects. This technique will prevent easily breakable items from sliding into each other and chipping or breaking.
  4. Separate clothes. Don’t let dirty or wet clothes mix with your still clean outfits. Pack a few extra plastic bags in your suitcase before your trip to use as a wet bag or laundry pouch. Your clothing will be easier to sort when you return from your trip.
  5. Pack extra shoes. You might have a few pairs of shoes you want to bring on a trip with you. Throw them in a bag and add them to your suitcase worry-free. The plastic bag will protect your clothes from the daily grime that your shoes pick up.
  6. Organizer cooler. Use plastic bags to make large ice packs for your cooler. You’ll keep your drinks cool while also preventing the need to dig through piles of ice to find a beverage.
  7. Clean up after pets. Bring a few bags with you on a walk with your dog or use them when you clean out your cat’s litter box. These bags are the perfect size for taking care of pet waste easily.
  8. Store painting materials. Keep your paintbrushes and rollers from drying out by wrapping them in a plastic bag. This will make it easier for you to go back to painting without washing and drying your brushes every time.
  9. Protect plants. Don’t let the winter freeze damage your plants! This trick can help prevent frost damage. Cover them loosely with a plastic bag and secure them with a tie. The small layer of insulation can help keep your foliage alive until spring.

If possible, make sure to recycle your plastic bags after use. You can find drop-off centers at many grocery stores and local recycling centers.

And while you’re at it, make sure to snag some Greencore® trash bags made from recycled content for next time! Be sure to check out our line of sustainable products and follow Greencore on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter for more sustainability content.