How Going Greencore® Can Help You Meet Your Sustainability Goals

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If you are familiar with the Greencore® brand, you know that we make our products with our third-party certified GreenPE® recycled resin. We manufacture our plastic bags and films with quality plastics and practices comparable to national brand name products. Created with 3-layer technology, the bags provide a green advantage without the extra costs. These products are available with up to 70% post-consumer content.

The foundation of Greencore® is to provide businesses and individuals with sustainable products for a wide range of needs. We are the industry leader and innovator in offering closed-loop programs that recycle a customer’s plastic and then provide new products out of the recycled material using our engineered high strength 3-layer Greencore® structure. 

Using Greencore®’s recycled products at your organization or institution can help you meet your internal sustainability goals. Many businesses are hoping to reduce their carbon footprint before 2025, and we can help you accomplish that goal much easier with our sustainable products. Trash bags, can liners, and recycling bags are already used daily in most businesses; why not update to be a little more environmentally friendly?

Our products are an excellent fit for locations like arenas, airports, parks, and universities. We cover custom needs for recycling, retail, private label, janitorial, construction, and more. Our in-house engineering, manufacturing, and design professionals will work with you every step of the way, starting from initial quotes to the design and production of the final product.

In addition to facility maintenance, our products are made for home care and business use. It’s easy to find the right fit since our products are available in 12- to 60-gallon sizes and various colors. You can work with our engineers to get the custom fit, closure type, and specific performance features you need.

Don’t let your sustainability goals catch up with you. Look ahead and integrate Greencore products into your business today!

It’s easy to be a little greener with Greencore®! Be sure to check out our line of sustainable products and follow Greencore on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter for more sustainability content.