Guide to Spring Cleaning

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As the snow clears and temperatures rise, many will partake in the yearly ritual of spring cleaning.

We may not be able to tell you what exactly in your home needs to get donated or thrown out, but we can make the cleaning process a bit easier by suggesting a few steps.

Create a plan of attack. Decide what areas you will be cleaning and what tools you will need. Gather cleaning supplies and bins to help you sort through your belongings. Create piles of like objects and then organize and put the space back together after you’ve looked at everything. 

Get rid of the unnecessary. Purging your belongings can be a tough chore, but it’s essential to go through the objects that clutter your home and either give them a permanent place or donate them for someone else to love them. Are there decorations you no longer need? Clothes you haven’t worn? Time to let them go.

Go paperless. Like the knick-knacks and other objects in your home, papers need to be regularly reviewed and recycled. Decide what can be scanned and saved on your computer or digital file management system. Shred old documents with confidential or personal information and recycle the rest.

Give everything a place. Create dedicated spaces for your belongings by buying storage. Organize like objects in an orderly fashion to ensure that you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for in the future. Always make sure to leave room for growth. The odds are that you’ll be accumulating more things, so provide yourself extra space for future purchases.

Sanitize and tidy. While clearing things out and rearranging, you’ll want to remember the “clean” portion of “spring cleaning.” Wipe down commonly touches surfaces in each room. Take a duster and clean tabletops and blinds. Finish off with a vacuum or sweep to make your newly organized room look fabulous.

Buy something, donate something. Moving forward, take steps to prevent clutter from overwhelming your space again. A good trick is to donate an object if you buy a new, similar one.

What you’ll need from us for this project:

Greencore® Trash Bags get their strength from the two layers of strong virgin plastic surrounding an inner core of post-consumer recycled plastic. Our Flex technology increases stretch without losing strength, so over-stuffing is never a problem. The last thing you need is the trash falling out of a ripped bag! These multipurpose bags have an easy tie drawstring to ensure your clutter stays in the bag where it belongs.

Keep your home, office, or shop “green” with Greencore® Can Liners, made with up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastics. These sturdy, puncture-resistant bags are guaranteed quality and durability yet cost no more than traditional bags. Perfect for heavy-duty garage or yard clean-up jobs, these can liners are manufactured for strength. With sizes ranging from 10 to 55 gallons, an option is available for every project.

Greencore® Recycling Bags are tough enough to withstand being thrown to the curb on recycling day. Clear and blue-tinted bags are puncture resistant and durable enough to handle heavy glass and sharp cans. These puncture-resistance bags will be perfect for setting out any recycling you find during your spring clean. Of course, made with PCR, these bags have 3-layers and will hold it all.

It’s easy to be a little greener with Greencore®! Be sure to check out our line of sustainable products and follow Greencore on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter for more sustainability content.