Everyday Items Made with Recycled Content You Can Buy

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With Earth Day just around the corner, recycling and living sustainably is something that should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. We did some research and there are so many companies out there making everyday products out of recycled material. Buying products made with recycled material is great for both the environment and economy. Not only does it reduce waste sent to landfills, it helps reduce your overall carbon footprint. Below are just a few examples of everyday products made with recycled material. 

Clothes & Shoes –Both plastic and fabric can be recycled and used to make new clothes and shoes. For example, Adidas is making tennis shoes and athletic wear out of ocean plastic and Recover Brands turns recycled plastic bottles into clothing. 

Trash bags – That’s right, trash bags can also be made from recycled material. Greencore® trash bags are made from post-consumer recycled film. By using the post-consumer material, not only is plastic film is diverted from landfills but there is also over 50% less COcreated during the manufacturing process. 

Furniture – There are a lot of companies out there making furniture from recycled material. New furniture can be made from recycled wood, glass, metal, plastic, and fabric. Next time you are looking to buy furniture or redecorate your living space, remember to recycle or donate your old furniture and buy new from brands that contribute to sustainability. 

Toothbrushes – Toothbrushes are not something you would think could be made from recycled material, but they definitely can be. Some companies make biodegradable toothbrushes out of bamboo while others make toothbrushes out of recycled plastic. Note: bristles are always new. 

Tableware – Bowls, glasses, and plates can all be made from recycled glass and plastic. Many are durable, dishwasher safe, and have the added bonus of also being sustainable. 

Living a sustainable lifestyle is not hard. There are a lot of companies out there making great products from recycled material. All you have to do is some research to find out what brands and then support those companies and the environment by purchasing their products. Small changes in your everyday life can add up to make a significant positive impact.