Certified Recycled Content with SCS Global Services

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As a part of Petoskey Plastics’ focus on sustainability, we use post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in many of our products. We ensure the quality of the PCR through multiple methods. Internally, we control the conditions of incoming landfill-diverted plastic through our in-house recycling facility and closed-loop partnerships. Externally, we have our PCR certified by SCS Global Services, a third-party company, which helps us guarantee a genuine, sustainable product.  

SCS has offered third-party certification in the field of sustainability since 1984. They have worked with organizations in natural resources, built environment, food and agriculture, consumer products, and climate sectors. 

Companies, government agencies, NGOs, and stakeholders have worked with SCS to advance their respective sustainable development goals. SCS helps do this by offering independent assessments that accredit recycled content, responsible sourcing, and more.

Petoskey Plastics has a Recycled Content Certification from SCS for our recycled resin pellets. The Recycled Content Certification evaluates products, such as our pellets, made from pre- or post-consumer materials that we have diverted from landfills and waste streams. Certification from SCS measures the percentage of recycled content in each product to verify information and claims in the marketplace. We were first certified by SCS in 2009.

To earn this certification, we go through the following process:

  1. Data Collection and Analysis
    • An auditor helps us assemble our data and documentation. The auditor reviews our manufacturing data, processes, and chain of custody procedures to determine if conformance is achieved as well as the nature of our claim.
  2. Report Draft Assessment Report
    • The auditor writes a draft assessment report that details the findings of the audit, including data analysis, non-conformities, and opportunities for improvement. A response to any non-conformities with a root cause analysis and corrective action is required. The auditor may also conduct an onsite visit.
  3. Review Internal Peer Review and Client Review
    • A qualified SCS lead auditor reviews the report, making any necessary corrections or changes. The report is then sent for review, and we may comment on the information contained in the report and the conclusions drawn by the auditor.
  4. Decision Certification Decision
    • If certification is achieved, SCS issues the certificate(s), logos, and final report to us. Once certified, Petoskey Plastics and our products are listed on the SCS Certified Green Products Guide.
  5. Maintain Certification Maintenance and Renewal
    • Certification is valid for one year. SCS requires annual audits to maintain our certification and support continual improvement.

SCS’ vision is of a “sustainable future that safeguards our environment and our climate, respects the dignity and supports the health and wellbeing of workers and communities, and raises the standard of living for all.” One way they do this is by providing the data to help consumers make informed decisions.

Petoskey Plastics proudly offers sustainable options across many product lines. See how we use our certified recycled content and how it can help your organization exceed sustainability goals!