Beyond the Bottle

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Sustainability news is abundant in the beverage industry as of late. Many big-name brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Ice Mountain have focused on adding recycled content into their product offerings. One way these brands have done this is by offering bottles made of recycled plastic.

At the end of 2020, PepsiCo committed to selling 100% recycled plastics bottles across nine counties. In February 2021, the Coca-Cola brand announced their plans for 100% PCR 20- and 13.2-ounce bottles. Coca-Cola Company brands Sprite and DASANI will also have bottles made with 100% recycled plastic. As of mid-May, BlueTriton’s (formerly Nestlé Waters North America) Ice Mountain brand announced plans for their bottles to be made with 100% recycled plastic. Five additional BlueTriton brands are currently using 100% recycled bottles.

The above are just a few notable examples of the many great efforts happening across the industry. Many companies recognize that the best time to make sustainable moves is right now. Mintel recently found that 64% of US consumers say food and drink manufacturers should be responsible for environmentally friendly choices. Likewise, consumers are actively seeking to purchase from sustainable brands now more than ever.

As more and more brands adopt bottles with recycled content, we encourage them to also look beyond the bottle. To the packaging that holds the beverage packs together – shrink film.

Our new GreenPE Shrink™ collation shrink film is made with up to 50% recycled resin content and is a smart fit for brands looking to expand their sustainable partnerships. This durable film can withstand rough handling and transport processes and provide equal or greater performance to virgin resin products.

We were able to create such a strong product through our unique layering technique. GreenPE Shrink™ has five layers that maintain traditional stiffness and gloss on the outside and feature recycled content in the core.

As a supplier, Petoskey Plastics is known in the industry for engineering specialty formulas based on the customer’s applications and requirements. We make our hard-to-puncture GreenPE Shrink™ available in multiple widths from 10” to 90” and available in multiple thicknesses from 1.5 to 2.5 mil. Our film is customizable from 50% recycled content to a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content.

A logical option to continue sustainable growth, Petoskey Plastics is ready to work with companies looking to expand their packaging portfolios. Visit our dedicated collation shrink film page to learn more, or watch our video to see just how GreenPE Shrink™ can be a great sustainable packaging option.